Who is ‘The Goddess’

Goddess is the loving, nurturing, and creative Mother of earth and all of creation. She is everywhere and a part of everything and everyone. She expresses herself through nature and the seasons, through emotion and dream, and is the source and inspiration of all things. Goddess is in all facets of the divine jewel that is everything.

She is known by many names and as many different faces. We honour all these aspects of her in her one glorious aspect.

For far too long, Goddess has been forgotten, and it is through re-membering, reclaiming and honouring Goddess, we can integrate her magic and love into our modern worlds and daily lives. This is done by learning about Goddess, honouring her through the seasons, her symbols, and her colours. We celebrate and honour her in old ways and new and create sacred space open to all, to explore and connect to her magic and love.

Our spirituality is rooted in the land and her landscape. We honour the local land and local Goddesses. We see how she has expressed herself in the landscape, the moors, the rivers, and acknowledge and honour these aspects of her at the temple. Learning about local goddesses helps us to find a deeper and more personal connection and respect to the land we live on, as well as forming deeper relationships to Goddess.

Written by Priestess Jennifer Murphy

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